Five Accessories to Cool Down Your Camper Trailer and Help You Beat the Heat

Posted on: 29 July 2016

If you are taking your camper trailer into the outback or anywhere else with excessively high temperatures, you may want to invest in a few camper trailer accessories to keep you cool. The options are abundant, and some of these ideas may even surprise you. Here are some "cool" items to consider:

1. Roof-Mounted AC

One of the most expensive item on this list, a roof-mounted AC may also be the most effective accessory. Whether you have an old or a new camper trailer, you can buy an aftermarket air conditioner that mounts to the top of your rig. As long as your trailer has electricity running through it, one of these units works perfectly; however, you may need to pay for professional installation as you have to cut a hole in the roof of your trailer and wire it into your trailer.

2. Sunshield Shade for RV Roof Vents

Whether you add an AC or not, you can stem the flow of hot air into your camper trailer by installing a sunshield shade on your roof vent. This shade fits over the opening of your vent, and you can attach it yourself as it just needs to be clipped to the vent opening in the ceiling of your camper trailer. It has a reflective surface that repels sunlight.

3. Awning

Also, consider adding an awning to your camper trailer. An awning gives you a shady place to sit under outside during the day, but it also helps to shade your camper and keep its internal temps cool as well. To make it as effective as possible, park the camper trailer so that it blocks rays from the rising sun. That will also block the path of sunlight into your camper when the sun is at its most intense throughout the day. Additionally, consider putting small canopies over your camper windows to shade them as well.

4. Misting Machine

A misting machine can be used to keep the inside of your camper trailer cool or it can help to cool people as they sit outside near your camper trailer. These machines come with a small reservoir of water and a hose that releases a mist of water. If you use the mister inside, the water droplets will evaporate into the hot air, helping to cool it down.

5. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs don't make your camper trailer any cooler, but they are an accessory you should consider. When you have earplugs and a face mask, it makes it easier to sleep in late even if other campers in the area are awake and making noise. As a result, you can sleep through the relatively cool temperatures of the early morning, which is often more restful than going to sleep early in the evening when the temps are still hot.


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