3 Benefits of Camper Trailers

Posted on: 21 February 2017

Camper trailers are an excellent way to make a comfortable, home-like accommodation area while away in the countryside. They are small and compact enough for easy towing but still open up to create sufficient living space with room for the addition of extra comfort features. If you are thinking of investing in a camper trailer, here are some of the three most important benefits you can look forward to.

Great Convenience

The fact that it is a trailer means that you can conveniently separate it from the tow vehicle and use the tow vehicle to run other errands during your camping trip. Just unhitch the trailer, and your car is free and ready for a countryside sightseeing tour. The fact that both vehicles are independent also means that you can sell one and leave the other. So if you need to upgrade to a new car, you can comfortably do so while still keeping your camper trailer. In addition, camper trailers are far lighter and easier to tow than a caravan is. Moving around your camper trailer is therefore much easier than driving around in an RV or towing a caravan. The lightweight design means that you do not need to buy any special towing trucks or perform any upgrades to your current car.

Easier Maintenance

Since it is not a motorised vehicle, its simple design makes it immune to mechanical breakdowns—the kind of breakdowns that require expensive repairs. Compared to an RV, the lack of an engine also makes it a much cheaper camping utility. You get spacious living area at a much lower cost. Operating costs, depending on the vehicle you use as 'tow', are also much lower. Besides, any fault in the towing vehicle can quickly be handled by unhitching the trailer and taking your car to an auto shop. Above all, it's small and compact size means that you can tow it at lower fuel consumption cost.

Incredibly Comfortable

At first glance, many would assume that camper trailers are not very comfortable; on the contrary, the extremely spacious living area it provides makes it so comfortable, even for sleeping. It is a much better camping option compared to tents. The built-in beds means that you can take your comfort with you everywhere you go. Additional amenities, such as built-in kitchens, all contribute to the ultimate comfort they offer. They are also much safer and offer more security than ordinary tents.


Escaping modern life

It's easy to get overwhelmed by modern life. Sometimes it feels like so many people rely on you and you can't meet anyones expectations. I find that camping is a great way to escape those pressures and remind myself of the really important things in life. I sleep better in a camp bed looking at the stars than I do in a fancy hotel in any big city. I love getting up in the morning and doing yoga on a camp mat while kookaburras and gekkos look on. This blog is about sleeping under the stars and relaxing in nature.

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