• Camping Tips: 5 Vital Pieces of an Army Surplus Kit

    Getting out into the great outdoors can be a lot of fun. However, it is important that you are fully prepared so you can navigate your way around, make food and deal with any emergencies. The Australian army produces some of the finest outdoor equipment known to man. Below is a guide to 5 military surplus items you should consider investing in before your next camping trip. Military ration packs
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  • 3 Benefits of Camper Trailers

    Camper trailers are an excellent way to make a comfortable, home-like accommodation area while away in the countryside. They are small and compact enough for easy towing but still open up to create sufficient living space with room for the addition of extra comfort features. If you are thinking of investing in a camper trailer, here are some of the three most important benefits you can look forward to. Great Convenience
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